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SQL 2012 is here

By: Beth Ingebretson

There’s big news afoot in the tech industry this week.  It’s not just the announcement of the next IPad today that’s newsworthy.  Microsoft is enabling some pretty awesome database muscle with the official launch of SQL 2012 yesterday.

What’s it mean for the average business user?  Here are my top 3 new features:

1) The new ColumnStore Index should boost star join and similar query performance behind the scenes by up to 100x!
2) SQL Azure Data Sync – a cloud service that will allow bi-directional data synchronization between on premises databases and cloud databases, opening up all kinds of hybrid possibilities for global organizations
3) PowerView – if you have access to SharePoint 2010, combining SQL2012 with PowerView is going to give business users ad-doc reporting options and data visualizations that unlock secrets in their data they never knew they had.  Here’s a sample of what MS plans to make available in the upcoming CRM 2011 on premises service release for customers using SQL2012 (this is analysis done on product sales data out of CRM):

Read all about SQL2012 here and the CRM 2011 service release here for lots more great insight into what’s next for business applications at Microsoft.


By: Beth Ingebretson

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