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Responsive, CSS-only faux tables

Tables are mildly responsive — the individual cells can resize as necessary. But they aren’t fully responsive without Javascript: You can’t take two TDs that are next to each other and suddenly have them stack, as that requires changing the HTML structure of the table. But you *can* do it with divs that are made to *look* like a table. See the demo here. HTML <div class="table-wrap">     <div class="row-wrap">         <div class="left-td"></div>         <div class="right-td"></div>         <div class="clear"></div>     </div> </div> Note how we’re using divs to mimic a table’s “table -> tr -> td” structure.
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avtex x dresshead white lace bodycon fit dress

avtex x dresshead white lace bodycon fit dress / maternity wear / cropped sleeves This avtex x white lace bodycon fit dress is not only comfortable, but designed to fit through all of the stages of your pregnancy. Look stylish and beautiful as you proudly display your baby bump for all the world to see. The shade of lilac chosen for this dress is very delicate and light assuring that you add color to your ensemble without overdoing it. The dress is a fine-knit fabric mesh with a round neckline and a button keyhole back. The fabric is a
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