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The All-in-One Distinction

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After many years of continuous work with one contact center platform, I think that it’s normal to feel somewhat detached from the rest of the industry.  For me, it’s the Interaction Center platform from Interactive Intelligence. I’ve spent so much time studying, designing and implementing solutions around one product that I’ve hardly had time to think about or learn any others. In fact I’m probably a little naive in that respect, because when I do find myself browsing the websites of other players for one reason or another, I’m quickly reminded that few if any features are truly unique in such a competitive industry.

I’m also reminded of this when responding to RFP’s. There’s a reason it often sounds like they’re describing my solution specifically, because these are all common features that everyone expects now.

Whether it’s multimedia ACD, social media integration, workforce management, speech analytics, screen pops into third-party apps like Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, predictive dialing, screen capture, speech IVR, Mobility, and Cloud, there are plenty of options.

Where Interactive Intelligence still shines is their All-in-One architecture that from the beginning was designed to intelligently route not only interactions of all types, but communication between all applications in one integrated platform. There are some large vendors that over time have acquired many products and “integrated” them, and there are plenty of niche vendors that offer excellent products that require integration.

With the Interaction Center, you have all applications developed by the same company and working in unison, whether it’s IP PBX, ACD, IVR, Dialer, WFM, Unified Messaging, multimedia Recording, Reporting, post-call surveys, and more — whether Premise, Cloud, or combination. Nothing feels like an afterthought and all can be customized to fit individual needs. The open-standards architecture and Developer tools allow integration to virtually any third-party application or system. Most important, cost of implementation and ownership is lowered through the lack of disparate systems and multiple vendor contracts, availability of “out of the box” applications, and single interfaces for users and administrators that saves time and quickens training.

So in the end, I feel like it’s been time well spent.



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