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BYOD without UC = chaos

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A survey recently released by Webtorials, an IT education company, found that only 21% of companies had fully adopted Unified Communications (UC), which combines voice, video, email, IM and other channels into one platform.

Consumerization will ultimately drive growth in UC, people will expect these tools to be part of the enterprise, and they have them already in their privately owned mobile device. Unless an enterprise UC strategy is established and fully met, employees will migrate to their own device to fill the gaps, thus putting IT in a position that is out of their control and a potential information security breach.

Supporting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment becomes manageable when an enterprise approved Unified Communications strategy is in place. Bringing a UC and BYOD offering to the enterprise is critical to the employee experience. With Microsoft Lync for example, all of your communication types are readily accessible via any mobility or tablet device, however IT has control, manageability and security. Supporting a BYOD environment without a tool like Microsoft Lync is IT chaos waiting to happen.

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