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Concierge Service driven by Customer Experience Optimization

By: Beth Ingebretson

Have you ever used the hotel concierge to help you do something exciting in a city you’re unfamiliar with?  I’ve had them be the primary contributor to some very memorable experiences.  It’s not an easy job to know your city and people well enough to deliver a great experience regularly in that role.  It takes a certain knack.

Now imagine that you need that knack, but that you won’t have face-to-face access to who you’re providing the experience to and most of the time won’t even be that familiar with the location they are in and what is available there.  Sounds like an uphill battle, huh?  It is, but it can be done with tools and can result in very loyal repeat customers who have that fantastic memorable experience.

The Noel Group runs a business in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, called MyAssist that has to deliver experiences equivalent to local hotel concierges to each of their clients every day from their contact center.  They operate a concierge service providing unbelievable experiences to their clientele across a myriad of channels simultaneously.  They use some exceptional tools for their agents that give them that knack.   To get these tools, they came to the premier customer experience outfitters – Avtex.  At Avtex, we used our technology know-how to set them up with a hyper-efficient customer database based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that included an agent desktop popping all the tools (not just CRM screens) their agents needed at the right time, with no window switching or extra logons, so their patrons just experience timely, personalized, friendly interactions from lots of different MyAssist workers who all seem to know them like an old friend.  Avtex also equipped them with an integrated contact center solution from Interactive Intelligence that can handle any communication channel that’s been dreamed up and make sure the message makes it to a concierge agent who’s available and well-equipped to delight the person needing assistance.

Check out this short video that shows the MyAssist crew telling their story of what these solutions mean to their business:

There was also this nice article published recently on Forbes website by Jennifer Pollard about her experiences as a consumer of MyAssist services:

When telling the customer’s story becomes personal

We’re proud to have helped the Noel Group and their MyAssist business build this thriving business.

We’ll help you build yours too.


By: Beth Ingebretson

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