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The beginnings of evangelism

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I struggled to think of a catchy title for my very first Avtex blog.  This comes on the heels of my very first visit to Interactions 2013, the Interactive Intelligence Annual Conference for Partners and Customers.

I heard comments at the conference about coming away feeling like you had “drank from the kool-aid”, and I’m positive this is the feeling I’m having.  I have a new understanding of what Contact Centers are really all about.  I was able to view the world from the eyes of a Contact Center Manager.

All of a sudden, my job has taken on a different meaning and importance.  I want to share this feeling, and that’s the point of my title.  Evangelizing is not really my deal, but I want my team to feel as great as I do, about what we do for our customers.  The impact our solutions make on the lives of OTHER call center agents matters.  What we do matters.

And so, the evangelism begins!   Stay tuned…

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