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Multi-Channel vs Cross-Channel

I was recently asked the difference between multi-channel and cross-channel customer interaction.  Multi-Channel typically means you provide multiple channels for customer interaction (Web, Email, Store front, mobile, SMS, Call Center…) typically in a silo environment, most often because companies keep adding channels to address additive customer interaction needs.  Cross-Channel means each of these channels now cross one another from a user experience and intelligence perspective to create a uniform “Cross Channel” experience, regardless of channel type. For example, a Cross-Channel strategy should provide customers to get the same experience on my website as they would if they called the call center,
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Preview of CRM 2013

CRM 2013 is finally only weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited about what this release brings to businesses to make their personnel more effective.  Everyone has their opinions about what the best new features are, but my top 4 are: Clean and modern user interface that surfaces important data AND process information to users in a role-tailored way Rich mobility options across all kinds of devices and apps to make CRM usable everywhere you need it Business rules and real-time workflows – let administrators configure context-sensitive rules  in the user interface without having to know any custom code languages
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