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Preview of CRM 2013

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CRM 2013 is finally only weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited about what this release brings to businesses to make their personnel more effective.  Everyone has their opinions about what the best new features are, but my top 4 are:

  • Clean and modern user interface that surfaces important data AND process information to users in a role-tailored way
  • Rich mobility options across all kinds of devices and apps to make CRM usable everywhere you need it
  • Business rules and real-time workflows – let administrators configure context-sensitive rules  in the user interface without having to know any custom code languages
  • Server-side Sync – now CRM can keep e-mails flowing bi-directionally by configuring it to sync behind the scenes with almost any mail system (Exchange, G-Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.)  It no longer requires either Outlook to be open to send and receive mail or an E-mail Router to be installed on a server somewhere to perform this function.  If you’re using Exchange, it will even sync Tasks, Appointments, and Contacts too!

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For a full breakdown with lots of screen shots, download the Release Preview Guide.

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