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Technology can either bring you closer to the customer or send you farther adrift, farther away from the people you’re striving to serve

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Virgin Atlantic recently completed a 6-week Proof of Concept aimed at enhancing the customer experience for its Upper Class passengers. Customer Service Representatives were outfitted with Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches. The concept was to enable the representatives to provide service to the customer, without the need to break eye contact. The fashion-forward company has declared the leading-edge technology POC a raging success.

While this POC utilized technology to enhance the customer experience, it did so in a way that is unique. Virgin Atlantic didn’t just try this concept to provide better tools to their Customer Service Representatives; they did it with the entire goal of allowing the reps to establish an emotional connection with the customer. They know the value of the human side of customer experience, and this POC helped them take that emotional connection one step further.

But, before you rush to order the latest tech gadget for your CSRs, be sure you know how you can connect with your customers on an emotional level. Only once you know how to enhance the human experience, can you identify tools to support that effort.

To read more about Virgin Atlantic’s Proof of Concept, click here:

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