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Are you starting with the Customer Experience?

Having worked in technology for almost 20 years (yikes, I’m dating myself again!), I have witnessed many companies that were so focused on creating cool technology, that they forgot about the most important thing in any technology project. How will this technology actually benefit the user? In the 90’s and 2000’s, it was all about automation. How can we create applications that will replace the need for people? But, in the name of automation, we often forgot that our customers still wanted a “personal touch”. Case in point: complex IVRs were implemented with the goal of reducing the number of calls that needed
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How does your Mobile Strategy support your Customer Experience?

A recent telephone survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Bank of America provided a rather candid look at how our mobile phones have become an indispensable companion and personal assistant for most Americans. When asked to rank their mobile devices importance in their daily life, the survey respondents ranked their mobile phone as equally important as their car or (gulp), even their deodorant! Among the Millennials surveyed, 96% said that their mobile phone was THE MOST IMPORTANT part of their daily life, ahead of such basic hygiene tasks as brushing their teeth and deodorant. While these statistics are shocking (and quite
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