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Even Butlers Know the Value of Exceptional Customer Experience

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“Whether we’re serving food or telling someone what’s wrong with their car, we have to be able to do the same things… We’re making sure that they’re at ease, that we’re listening to them, that they feel respected throughout the whole process.”

– Charles MacPherson


Ford dealerships in Canada are learning valuable Customer Experience lessons from an unusual source – a butler! But, as illustrated in the above quote from Charles MacPherson, owner of the only registered butler school in North America, there are many parallels that one can draw from his profession to everyday Customer Service. Mr. MacPherson’s goal – to help the Service Departments in these dealerships to build more meaningful relationships with the customers they deal with on a regular basis. His approach gets to the heart of customer perception, by encouraging his students to think about how the customer feels during the process. His initial pilot program with Ford was so well received, that it was expanded to a 23-stop roadshow this Summer. You can read more about this program here. Brilliant, Mr. MacPherson! Simply, brilliant!

What unusual sources have you drawn upon for Customer Experience strategies? What impact have these sources had on your customer’s journey or your employee engagement?


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