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Are You Easy to Do Business With?

By: Beth Ingebretson

The easier you are to do business with, the better your chances of creating and maintaining a satisfied and loyal customer base. Conducting a thorough review of the many facets of your customer experience (CX) efforts is one of the most effective and enlightening ways to understand how well your customer service and customer experience efforts are working. Three areas to consider when trying to determine if your organization is easy to do business with:

Streamlined Processes:
Making the effort to streamline processes involved in your CX efforts is vital to customer satisfaction. As your processes become more efficient, so do customer interactions. Investing in process improvements can lead to long-term benefits as customers and employees spend less time waiting and more time addressing any issues.

Engaged Employees:
Engaged employees tend to create engaged customers; as a customer discovers that the customer service agent is interested in them, and solving their issues, the more likely the customer is to enjoy the interaction. And thus more likely to become loyal to your organization.

Customer Analytics:
Gathering key data is just the first step in the process – your organization should have processes in place to review the data for actionable intelligence, and to execute plans based on said data. Simply listening is not enough; your organization has to make an active effort to consider feedback and incorporate changes based on customer opinions.

We have reviewed the top 10 areas to consider when trying to determine if your organization is easy to do business with. You can see all of them by downloading our free whitepaper “The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are Easy to Do Business With.”

Avtex offers a thorough and impartial CX review program – Experience the Experience – that will help you understand the ways you can maximize customer touch points and improve the effectiveness of your CX efforts.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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