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Save Money by Transitioning to a Hosted Lync Voice Environment

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One of the most important considerations when choosing any enterprise solution is cost. With so much of the decision making process tied to ROI and upfront expenses, choosing a solution that is affordable and effective is imperative. Considering all of the costs associated with the solution is also vital. Hosted Lync Voice services offer many cost-saving benefits over on-premise solutions. Savings can be found in a number of areas, including:

Network and hardware updates

Running a powerful communications solution on your own equipment can be taxing. If hardware or network capabilities are not up to the task of running the solution, expensive upgrades may be needed. While it may be necessary to make small tweaks to your network to run Hosted Lync Voice, you will not have to invest heavily in a complete overhaul of the system or replacement of key equipment.

Pre-purchase exploration

Many on-premise solutions require a costly proof of concept exercise before a purchase decision can be made. Rather than requiring this expensive step, Hosted Lync Voice services offer trial periods, allowing your organization to explore the solution at its own pace, often without cost.

SPLA (service Provider Licensing Agreement)

This licensing model chosen specifically to provide a cost-effective method of providing services to Enterprise customers while allowing them to still remain on a monthly plan.

For more information on the benefits of transitioning to a cloud hosted Microsoft Lync Voice environment, visit our Hosted Lync Voice page.

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