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Office 365 and Confusion Around Groups

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If you are a SharePoint person, you love it when things fall within the realm of governance comprehension. Everything conforms within your information architecture and permissions are nice and neat. So imagine the confusion that Office 365 Groups is making as this is being rolled out to the SharePoint tenants. This feature allows an Office 365 user to create a group through the Office 365 Outlook Web App to be able to see a group conversation or specific content around that group. Additionally the confusion comes when you go into Files associated to the group and it displays a sub-set of the information within the users OneDrive for Business content area. But wait, that content also surfaces within Search and you better tack on Delve. Ugh!
Questions that come up around Office 365 Groups typically include relationship to security and where this fits into my overall navigation structure of SharePoint Online. These are ad-hoc groups that can be configured by the end users that do not figure into an already established Information Architecture. The only security is based on the people who are in the groups. This ad-hoc flexibility is what can give the organizations a way to quickly assemble different types of content into a meeting space that then can be moved to a final storage location in the near future. Ultimately, training is going to a big part of what organizations will need to do when implementing this feature.


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