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A Recap of CXPA's Insight Exchange 2015

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What happens when you bring over 300 CX professionals together from across the globe to talk about CX?  You get 2 days worth of sharing; collaborating; learning; fun and momentum in one of the fastest growing “industries” in business today.  On May 5-6, the annual Customer Experience Professional Association’s Insights Exchange was held in San Diego.  And it truly was an exchange – among some of the CX profession’s most experience and knowledgeable experts who freely shared their successes and failures.  Where else could you find aggressive competitors sharing how they are making better experiences for their customers in a cooperative environment.  The CXPA is a rapidly growing association dedicated to helping CX professionals understand, develop and execute effective CX strategies across organizations of diverse size, markets and geographies.  Less than 5 years old, the association is growing rapidly due in part to the need for companies to address rapidly changing consumer demands for better and broader experiences – be they mobile, web, phone or other channel-based interactions.  As a recently elected board member, I’m excited by the momentum and energy we gained at the Exchange and anxious to continue the fine work of the board to expand not only the membership of CXPA but the scope and assistance we can offer our member professionals!

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