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Investing in the Future with CX

By: Beth Ingebretson

While it was once viewed as a secondary aspect of an organization, Customer Experience (CX) has moved to the forefront of many companies’ operations and future goals. In recent years, more and more organizations have invested heavily in contact centers and customer experience supporting employees. This trend is likely to continue as organizations designate budgetary funds to a wide range of CX improvements, including:

  • Technology: From hardware to software, technology upgrades will account for a large part of CX spending in the coming years. Maintaining the ability to interact with customers in numerous ways requires various systems, databases and interfaces, all requiring continual maintenance and upgrade.
  • Training: Employee skills training will continue to be a focus of many organizations. Designating budget towards employee training and education may improve customer experience and satisfaction, leading to an increase in loyalty and consumer engagement.
  • Strategy: Enhancing customer experience will require extensive planning and strategizing. Exploring new strategies will be imperative to continual evolution of customer engagement.
  • Analytics: Analytical software and solutions will play a large role in gauging the effectiveness of CX strategies and investments. Tracking customer interactions, satisfaction, and the overall effectiveness of the CX team will provide an accurate view of ROI, while helping to pinpoint potential areas of improvement.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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