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How does InteractionSync Increase Agent Precision?

By: Beth Ingebretson

Agent precision, or the ability to find answers, resolve issues and address customer concerns quickly and accurately, is key to the success of any contact center. As agents become better equipped to handle interactions without delay or additional assistance, interaction handling time drops and customer satisfaction improves. So how does InteractionSync increase agent precision?

Intelligent routing:

InteractionSync routes customers to agents and departments that are equipped to handle their issues, and can prioritize routing with customer information to allow for differentiated service experiences for your best customers. By doing so, your priority customers are able to avoid hold times and repeated information requests from multiple agents. Once the customer reaches the proper agent, that agent is able to handle their issue efficiently, as the customer’s concerns fall squarely into the agent’s area of expertise.

Precise responses:

The breadth of information available to agents increases their ability to respond to customer questions and issues quickly and correctly. Without having to search for information, the agent can guide the customer through the interaction with precision, and without delay.

Enhanced issue identification:

The detailed tracking capabilities resulting from the integration of CIC™ and CRM software make it possible for agents to quickly identify a customer’s issue and its resolution, especially if that customer has experienced the issue in the past or is contacting the agent as a result of a previous interaction.

Historical information, combined with issue resolution data gives your agents the power to handle customer interactions with precision.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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