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The Consumer of Tomorrow

By: Beth Ingebretson

Examining the various traits of the modern consumer, as well as the consumer of tomorrow, is the first step in identifying opportunities to improve customer experience (CX) strategies. The modern consumer possesses many traits that impact interactions with product or service providers. The average consumer is:


Consumers who encounter issues or questions want answers quickly. Forcing a consumer to wait for resolutions often results in an unsatisfied customer. Conversely, providing swift and helpful answers increases satisfaction and loyalty in the long term.


Modern consumers are passionate about many things, including engaging with organizations that they identify with or respect. The more opportunities you can offer for engagement, the better your chances of gaining and retaining loyal customers.


Today’s consumer utilizes any number of communication methods when searching for assistance. From email correspondence to online chats, text conversations to video calls, the modern consumer explores many communication methods other than the telephone.


The wealth of information available has given consumers the ability to research any product, service or issue. This knowledge is out to good use when considering a purchase, and when dealing with an issue down the road.


Social media outlets have given consumers a platform on which to share their experiences with a product, service or company. Both satisfied and dissatisfied consumers freely exchange knowledge and experiences, helping other consumers to make decisions.

Despite their knowledge and awareness, consumers have yet to realize the power they have to influence the future of CX. In coming years, consumers will realize the influence they have over customer experience strategies, and will begin to pressure organizations with sub-par CX to catch up to the crowd.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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