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CRM as the Funnel for Customer Data

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CRM impacts the success of CX programs in many ways, including serving as the information funnel. Today’s consumer demands the ability to interact with an organization through a variety of channels, including voice, chat, social media, websites and more. Maintaining multi-channel communications is key to ensuring the satisfaction of a wide range of individuals and target groups.

Unfortunately, managing the data flowing through several channels at once can be difficult. Failure to do so will lead to disjointed interactions between customers and agents. For example, let’s consider this situation: a customer initiates an interaction through a chat portal, but is redirected to the customer interaction center for additional help. In this case, an effective CRM solution would transfer existing data gathered from the chat session to the database for access by the CIC® agent who fields the interaction. Without this data flow, the customer is likely to have to start the interaction from square one, and is forced to offer their information and explain their issue once again.

By acting as the funnel that catches and directs data from a wide range of channels, the CRM arms the CIC® agent with the information needed to seamlessly transition the customer interaction from the chat session to the call. The effective transition of the interaction, and the successful resolution of the customer’s issue, increases the likelihood that the customer will be satisfied and feel valued by the organization.

In order to facilitate the collection and distribution of customer data, the CRM architecture must be configured to grab the information from each channel and data source, and to distribute it automatically to agent-accessible locations.

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