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How Can you Maximize the Effectiveness of your Voice of the Customer Program?

By: Beth Ingebretson

In today’s customer experience-driven world, an effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) program is essential. However, too often, organizations go through the effort of conducting a VoC program, only to fail to take action to address customer concerns or implement available improvements. Without utilizing the information gained during the program, the investment into gathering customer opinion is nothing short of wasted.

Not only will the lack of action impact the ROI of the program, failing to listen to customers may lead to increased frustrations and alienation, especially those customers who offered passionate insight.

To maximize the effectiveness of your VoC program, be sure to:

Identify Strengths

While it is easy to focus on negative feedback, it is just as important to pay attention to the positive comments customers offer. Identifying “bright spots” and making plans to increase their frequency and duplicate their success is critical to the buoyancy of the program and helpful to your organization.

Pinpoint Weaknesses

Your VoC program is likely to shed light on a lot of weaknesses in your organization. Your employees are probably nearly as frustrated with these weaknesses as customers are, so use the opportunity to build relationships and create plans for fixing the processes or policies that are less than effective.

Create a Plan

Keeping a balance between emphasizing strengths and addressing weaknesses, be sure to create a plan of attack. Seek input from varying departments throughout the organization to ensure that all aspects of improvements are beneficial to the entire enterprise, and offer the best chances of success.

A good goal for every VoC program is to identify 2-3 specific changes based on the results of each wave or measurement. This will allow for tracking and help to maximize the ROI of the program, without overwhelming the organization.

It is important to note, however, that it takes time for change to happen – the actions you take today will likely have an immediate impact, but the overall benefit to the organization may take time to register on survey scores and customer feedback. Stay the course, and you will see your efforts rewarded.


By: Beth Ingebretson

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