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What is Journey Mapping?

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Journey Mapping is an exercise intended to offer organizations a comprehensive view of the customer’s experience from initial contact throughout the relationship. By identifying and studying each point of interaction between the business and customer, your organization is better able to identify the experience you want to provide to your customer, and the experience your customer would like to receive.

Journey mapping also offers significant insight into the motivation, thoughts and expectations of the customer. By understanding the customer in context, an organization is better able to tailor communications and CX to the personality of its target audience.  A better understanding of the customer also offers insight into the issues and factors that matter most to the customer.

The goal of journey mapping is to gain a better overall understanding of the customer and their needs. An effectively conducted journey mapping exercise will offer data needed to plan all CX initiatives with the customer’s perspective always in mind.

Avtex can create a customer journey map analysis to help you discover your goals and obstacles, and give recommendations on opportunities through various in-depth phases.

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