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Compliance and Security Factors to Address When Migrating to Office 365

By: Beth Ingebretson

While the benefits of migrating to Office 365 are clear and worthwhile, it is important to consider all the factors prior to, and during the migration. One important factor is compliance and security. Ensuring that the migration complies with all security guidelines is key to avoiding costly issues in the future. When planning the migration, focus on these key security and compliance issues:

User access: planning your organization’s approach to user access requirements well in advance will help to eliminate last minute issues as the migration comes to a close. Consider your organization’s current approach to user access and security and plan the migration to comply.

Email security: ensuring that your organization’s e-mail security requirements are met is vital to the success of the migration. Consider the many facets of email security, including virus filtering, malware detection, email encryption protocols and spam filtering.

Disaster recovery: your organization likely maintains specific disaster recovery policies and procedures. Making sure that the migration and its resulting applications adhere to these guidelines is imperative.

Backup and archiving: your organization’s backup and archiving requirements may go beyond those offered by Office 365. Consider your backup and archiving needs and take action to put the proper systems in place.

Governmental guidelines: many organizations, including financial and healthcare companies, operate under strict governmental guidelines. If state or federal statutes govern your organization, be sure the migration meets those mandates.

Mobile device use: in the “bring your own device” era, ensuring that your applications cannot be compromised by mobile device usage is imperative. Consider mobile device usage carefully when planning the migration to the cloud.

Avtex can help you with your migration to the cloud, ensuring all proper compliance and security factors are addressed.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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