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What Makes a Good Customer Experience Employee?

By: Beth Ingebretson

As technologies and strategies evolve, so must the people implementing them; a dedicated team with proper staffing and leadership is the most significant parameter needed for success. To be effective, CX employees require a wide range of hard and soft skills, including:

Communication skills: Being able to talk with customers on the phone isn’t the only skill CX employees need. The CX representative of tomorrow will need to be able to communicate with customers via a wide range of channels, and must be able to gather and interpret information quickly and effectively.

Technology aptitude: The contact center of tomorrow will rely upon a wide range of technology, from powerful software to video conferencing equipment. CX employees must have the ability to interact with complex technology on a daily basis.

Creative: As customers continue to demand swift issue resolutions and instant answers and it becomes harder and harder to grab their attention, CX employees must be able to solve problems in logical and creative ways. CX employees must be able to consider the many details of a situation and brainstorm strategies to find ways to engage and interact with consumers.

Conflict resolution: Customers who encounter issues with a product or service may become frustrated and angry. CX employees must have the patience and flexibility to communicate with argumentative customers while attempting to resolve the customer’s issue.

A proactive approach: To offer the best possible customer experience, employees must be proactive in their communications and their issue resolution efforts. The more proactive an employee becomes, the more effective they become at engaging customers and handling issues quickly and effectively.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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