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It’s a New Year… are you easy to do business with?

By: Beth Ingebretson

It’s a brand new year, and for many organizations that means taking a brand new look at their organization and asking themselves, “Are we easy to do business with??” It’s a great time to take a look at several areas to review as you try to determine if your organization is easy to do business with. Here are three important areas:

Your Technology

As the interaction habits and preferences of consumers change, so too must your technology. Without upgrading technology on a regular basis, your organization may lack the ability to offer consumers the communication channels they desire. Your organization may also struggle to manage consumer interactions in an efficient and effective way.

New technology, such as video-conferencing tools as well as improved technology, like enhanced customer interaction center software, has had a significant impact on consumer interactions. By maintaining current technology, your organization stands to offer the best possible experience for customers and potential customers alike.

Have you invested in Customer Experience (CX) technology? Do you have agents who understand how your current technology works? And are you using your current technology to its full potential?

Conduct routine reviews of your technology and technological practices to ensure that you are able to offer the types and quality of interactions your customers demand.

Social Media

Social media platforms have become one of the most popular ways for customers to interact with businesses. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most common pain points for organizations attempting to conduct routine customer interactions.

All too often, companies devote too little resources to maintaining social media presence. When this happens, consumers who expect fast and effective communication via social media are left wondering whether the organization cares about their problems. And, as social media platforms are widely open to the public, one consumer’s poor experience quickly becomes common knowledge in his or her social circle, and the organization’s own presence.

In short, a poorly handled or under-invested social media presence serves little to no purpose; in fact, such a social media effort can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Conversely. a well-run social media effort can lead directly to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you have the bandwidth to quickly respond to customer requests or comments via social media? Does staff have the training and support needed to interact with customers via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms? Are you prepared for the event of a social media crisis?

Carefully consider your social media strategies to be sure that customer engagement and response are as effective as possible.

Your Website

Few tools or interaction strategies are as important as your organization’s website. As the main information source for consumers seeking information on your products or services, or assistance addressing an issue with a previous purchase, your website needs to be current, comprehensive, appealing, and easy to navigate.

Your website should also offer consumers a variety of avenues to interact with your agents. Prominently displayed phone numbers and email addresses, as well as instant chat capabilities and FAQs pages, are all vital components of a successful website.

Is your website easy to navigate? Do all links work? Is content continually updated and current? Is it easy for consumers to find you?

Routine reviews and updates of your organization’s website are essential to conveying your brand message and offering customers the information they need.

Avtex can help you achieve your goal of becoming a company that is easier to do business with the unique Avtex 360 approach.

By: Beth Ingebretson

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