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Yammer activation for the masses of Office 365 customers – whether you like it or not.

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Recently, Microsoft has decided to activate Yammer on all eligible Office 365 subscriptions.  While this is a nice step in getting the service ready for use out of the box, it also causes administrators to take action to keep Yammer disabled if you so choose to do so for existing Office 365 tenants.

Present day, the Yammer license is an option that can be disabled right within the Office 365 portal GUI, but it wasn’t that way not so long ago.  If you are a customer who has been on Office 365 prior to Feb 2016, the Yammer license had been embedded and enabled by default into the E plans and provisioning of the Yammer service is what activated a users ability to get into Yammer.  It’s likely that administrators never had a second thought about this, and never removed the Yammer license via PowerShell for individual users.

Microsoft appears to be trying to force the adoption of this technology in an effort to drive the collaboration experience. Customers need to prepare for this change, and in some cases be ready to block this from occurring as many have made a concise choice to not deploy Yammer for one reason or another.  As an administrator, if your organization has actively chosen not to deploy Yammer, you should take action to remove the Yammer license from your users until you are ready to adopt the platform.  More information can be found in the Microsoft Office Blog.

If Yammer is a platform your company would like to pilot and take advantage of, Avtex has the technical knowledge and planning capabilities to help guide your organization to a successful roll out.  Contact us to learn more!

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