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Do You Offer the Support Your Employees Deserve?

By: Avtex

Many organizations feel that they offer their employees the information they need to succeed and enjoy their jobs. Unfortunately, information is often difficult to locate, spread across multiple locations or challenging to understand. Failing to provide a useful resource platform can cost your organization time, money and productivity.

Designing and developing an effective Employee Self Service, or ESS, portal or resources is vital to the continued success of your business, and the happiness of your employees.

What makes an ESS solution effective?

In order to be useful, your ESS portals and resources must be:

  • Easily accessible: Today’s employee accesses information and systems from multiple locations – the office, the road and from home. Your ESS resources must be accessible from anywhere, and must be easy to reach.
  • Consolidated: Far too often, employees are forced to access multiple systems to find answers. Creating a single repository for key documentation and resources helps your employees quickly find the information they need, without wasted time and effort bouncing from system to system.
  • Organized: An effective catalogue system and search functionality makes it easy for your employees to find the answers they need. Taking a proactive approach to organizing data will help to eliminate much of the frustration related to the search for answers.

If these characteristics don’t describe your current ESS efforts, it may be time to take action.

Make the Investment into Your Employees

A minimal investment of time and money into an effective ESS portal today will save your employees a good deal of frustration and confusion in the future. The Avtex team can help you design and build ESS portals to help employees find information relating to a wide range of issues, including:

  • Human Resources
  • IT and Technology
  • Onboarding
  • Legal
  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters
  • Sales and Marketing

Read more about our ESS services, or contact us to discuss your organization’s needs today.



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