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Top Impacts to the Success of CRM Implementations

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Customer relationships are complex. Today, more than ever before, implementations of these relationships touch larger lines of business and require multiple stakeholders of reviewers and approvers.

Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are now layers of back-end connections and systems, growing exponentially in capabilities.  As a result, the modern CRM system houses data and information that not only manages the day-to-day and forecasted operations of multiple departments, but also produces metrics about the effectiveness of their initiatives.

The intricate characteristics of this modern CRM make it easy to forget that at the end of the day, CRM solutions are the tools that help merge the “relationship” aspect of technology and people.  The human element of the relationship often gets lost in the technology mix. Exacerbating this misplaced element are external factors like rapidly developing technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and social media.

Each of these external factors deserves attention to make sure you’re incorporating the right value in your CRM mix. Check out our latest whitepaper that examines some key points to consider and process within your organization around each topic.


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