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Fabric, a new start-up created by former Facebook engineers is being described as an automated journey of your life. The app pulls photos from your phone, your Facebook and Instagram accounts and layers them over a map with a timeline that ultimately creates your journey.

Fabric tracks your friends, places, and moments throughout your day. Baby boomers might perceive this app as an invasion of privacy, however, for Millennials, CX professionals and market researchers this app is a gold mine – so move over my fellow Millennials! (I’m on the cusp and I just had a birthday, so I’ll be using it whenever I get the chance).

One of the creators was quoted in a recent TechCrunch article:

 “Arun, was inspired to create a project in this space after receiving a printed book about his dad that was filled with stories friends had written about him in college. The book had details about trips he had taken and people he had known – things that Arun didn’t know about before.”

As is, Fabric has immense value by providing additional context to customer journey maps. The power comes from layering these moments with biometric markers like heart rate and skin conductance to help capture unexpressed emotions that surveys fail to capture. This feedback cannot only help in understanding complete customer journeys, but also strengthen persona profiles. Fabric has the potential to drive cost down from the traditional biometrics that we use to capture feedback, and use the savings to help influence organizational change in order to shore up gaps in the customer journey.

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Get tactical

For example, let’s say you want to know what your customers are doing before coming to your store and what they do after they leave. Bust out the consent forms, order a set of Amazon gift cards, and organize a random sample of customers to conduct a day-in-the-life study. In addition to having them share their Fabric journeys, have them keep a diary of their use with your product or service. The learning you and your organization will discover can put you light years ahead of your competition. Virgin mobile did just this and was able to iterate around their customers feedback.

However, if you still need persona modeling and journey maps we can help.

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