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Recent CX musings…

By: Avtex

Several news blips in the CX world recently caught my attention.

The first from Affectiva, who claims to have the largest emotional response to digital media, just opened up their APIs for free to smaller companies who earn less than 1 million annually. Affectiva uses facial recognition for video conferencing and emotional sentiment in web chat with customers.

Essentially Affectiva has honed their facial coding to quantify emotions in real time. Big deal, Chris. I don’t need software to tell me if I make someone happy or sad. True, so why should you care?

Well if you if have Affectiva running in the background during your next online meeting or you can persuade your audience to turn on their webcam during your next webinar you’ll be able to gauge how your content is landing in real time.

The second comes from my favorite airline booking website Hipmunk. Despite having a great user interface, they filter flights by agony, which just makes sense.


According to TechCrunch Hipmunk not too recently raised roughly $55 million since starting in 2010, but they are now being acquired by Concur the travel and expense platform who is owned by SAP. This is meaningful because Hipmunk set out to take the agony out of air travel by considering the customer’s journey, and now Concur looks to be adopting the same strategy.

As if we need another data point to validate the significance of UX and CX, Pizza Hut just named their first Chief Customer Officer, Helen Vaid. Who was previously the VP of digital store operations and experience at Wal-Mart. I’m curious to see what changes Pizza Hut will make to listen to their customers and then take action on that feedback. Congratulations Helen!

This last piece, if it actually works, can potentially be competition for larger VoC programs. The artificial intelligence lab at MIT claims to interpret emotions using only wireless radio signals, dubbed the EQ-Radio, with 70% accuracy. Watch their video below for a better understanding of the technology.



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