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Brand Experience and Customer Experience: Bonus Experience Architecture Example

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New York City based clothing designer start-up Rochambeau, designed an exclusive experiential jacket titled the Bright BMBR. This limited edition jacket (only 15 have been produced) uses embedded NFC tags giving wearers VIP access to bespoke events, gallery tours, entry into elite NYC night clubs, and tickets to Rochambeau’s runway show. This modern day members only jacket retails for $630.00, and entitles owners to personalized experiences that represent the best of NYC culture and creativity. “… [we] do the selection and curation of experiences, the jacket and consumer does the unlocking. The spirit of creative collaboration and exploration is something that’s at the core of what we do, so it made sense to look at what experiences are out there in this city of ours and how the items we design can unlock them.


Given the evolution of brand experience and customer experience blending together to meet consumers demands, employees’ needs, and values being attached to something meaningful is the new normal. Consumer expectations only go one direction, and that’s forward. Consumer decision making will come down to trusting a brand that speaks to their values. Brands must constantly talk to customers to stay relevant to their needs, organize around key customer journeys, not traditional departmental structures, and not attempt to be all things to all people.

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