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Brand Experience and Customer Experience: Pirch

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We’re now operating in an environment where brand experience and customer experiences are blending together. Brand values with memorable experiences are now required. I talked about Toms Shoes yesterday and how their shopping experiences are memorable, meaningful, and emotional. Today I want to look at an example of family home life.

Another brand that puts a lot of thought into their in-store experience is Pirch, whose values focus on family while creating beautiful moments with design.


Whether you’re shopping for a new kitchen, bath accessory, or just want to be a lush while wondering around their elegantly designed store with a glass of vino, you have that option, too. Or if you’d rather have tea or coffee while mulling over the investment your significant other has just agreed to with that new convection unit. Despite the debt that they just agreed to, customers feel pretty happy about it. The decision making time is now considerably longer during the path-to-purchase for many consumers, and Pirch certainly understands that with their stress free shopping experience. Their reps don’t sell, they educate and let customers decide.

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