Top 11 SharePoint branding requests

It’s not unusual for customers to choose SharePoint for technical reasons, long before they start thinking about branding the site. When I ask them what they want in the way of branding, they’ll sometimes respond “I don’t know. What do people usually want?”

This happened often enough that I finally put together a list. I use it as a starting point for discussions about branding needs.


Ranking Description Effort


Apply client colors Simple to medium, depending on depth of color scheme


Use client logo Simple


Custom background image for header Simple to medium


Adjust structure (for example, move searchbox or breadcrumb). Simple to complex, depending on number of changes and the particular changes involved


Hide/remove unwanted features (like social notification) Simple to medium, hiding some elements can have unexpected cascade effects elsewhere


Custom styling of web parts (headers, borders, background color) Simple to medium, depending on amount and complexity of styling


Custom configuration of web parts (use content-query web parts to customize output instead of using OOTB defaults) Simple to complex, depending on the XSLT coding required


Brand modules (MySite, Search Center, Blog) to match main pages. Medium to complex, depending on the number of modules and desired degree of matching.


Improve cross-browser compatibility (make it work as well as possible in Firefox, Safari and Chrome) Medium


Custom favicon Simple


Responsive design (more for public-facing sites than intranets) Medium to complex, depending on the desired degree of responsiveness.


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