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Explore the Power of the Microsoft Cloud

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Cloud Business Alignment Workshop

Let Avtex Help You Get the Most Out of the Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud presents significant opportunity for organizations to improve access to information, streamline business process and encourage collaboration. The cloud’s faster iteration cycle delivers capabilities to users more rapidly than ever before, making it possible to continually improve available toolsets. The rapid advancement of technology within the enterprise can lead to confusion, however, making it important to keep users informed on available tools and changes to business processes.

Avtex leverages a deep knowledge of Microsoft Cloud capabilities and best practices to help you take full advantage of all the cloud has to offer. Our Cloud Business Alignment Workshops have been carefully designed to help you understand the tools available within the Microsoft Cloud, and how they can be leveraged to benefit your organization.

How does the Cloud Business Alignment Workshop work?

Avtex will engage in a series of two-hour workshops with business units across your organization to understand how each currently functions, and to identify potential areas of improvement. Key topics of interest during these workshops include:

  • How employees access information to do their jobs
  • The processes employees follow to execute key tasks
  • How employees communicate and collaborate within their respective departments, interdepartmentally and with external audiences

Following these sessions, your organization will receive actionable data that can be used to formulate a customized strategy for leveraging the Microsoft Cloud. Key deliverables include:

  • A detailed report of recurring themes/scenarios based on employee feedback
  • A weighted and prioritized list of strategic initiatives to maximize your organization’s efficiency
  • A roadmap of how and when to align your business to the Microsoft Cloud

Why Choose Avtex for your Microsoft Cloud Strategy

Avtex consultants have business experience across all Microsoft Cloud Technologies and can assist in identifying ways to increase productivity across your organization. Partnering with Microsoft allows Avtex to engage in our mission, “Using our technology know-how to enable our clients to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.” Avtex looks forward to helping your organization plan for its “Cloud Future”.

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Brian Caauwe

Brian Caauwe

Brian is a SharePoint MCSM who has been working with the SharePoint platform since 2007. He works with and manages a team of consultants that are specialists in Office 365 and SharePoint helping to build business solutions for clients. Brian's background in system architecture, security, migrations and integration strategies help provide holistic solutions with Avtex.
Brian Caauwe

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