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The Future of Financial Services in the Expectation Economy

By: Avtex

For as long as can be remembered, mankind has attempted to predict the future. Many an accomplished author has tackled the challenge of imaging the future. Greats like Orwell, Wells, Huxley, Bellamy and Bradbury shared their thoughts on what the future may hold – some bolder than others, some with more accuracy than others.

Many such predictions were focused on the ways we access money, do business and protect our financial well-being. For instance, in his 1888 novel, Looking Backwards, Edward Bellamy predicted the use of credit cards, more than 60 years before their invention. In 1953, Ray BradBury’s Fahrenheit 451 predicted the invention of an automated banking machine, eerily like today’s ATM.

Countless others have made bold predictions regarding the future of the financial services industry. Using what we know about today’s consumer, changing expectations, and advancements in technology, let’s take a page out of their book and make some predictions about the future of the financial services industry.


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