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Highlights from the Avtex Experience Summit

By: Avtex

With the inaugural Experience Summit in the books, we thought we’d share some highlights and key takeaways from the event. If you missed out on the Experience Summit, don’t worry – there’ll be many more opportunities to connect with Avtex team members and fellow CX professionals in the future. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have the chance to attend next year’s Experience Summit.

Robb Best Knows the Human Mind

The event’s keynote speaker, Robb Best, was impressive to say the least. Robb’s personable approach to the complex topic of brain science kept the crowd completely engaged. For 60 minutes, Robb entertained and informed the crowd, sharing insight into the scientific factors that impact a customer’s experience with a brand or company.

Robb’s ability to relate neuroscience to everyday experiences played well with the crowd. Interactive activities reinforced the science behind an interaction, and shed light on the challenges CX experts face when attempting to create experiences that resonate with their customers.

One of the most interesting points of Robb’s presentation shed light on the brain’s tendency to focus more on the beginning and end of an interaction, rather than the middle. This insight is certainly valuable to individuals and organizations as they plan interactions.

Robb’s book, “Brain Apps: Hacking Neuroscience To Get There” is a great read for anyone interested in the brain science behind marketing, customer service and customer experience.

CX Is Truly an Art AND a Science

The Experience Summit gave attendees and the Avtex team the opportunity to take a step back from their daily work with CX and view the discipline for what it is – an intersection of art and science. Crafting memorable experiences takes skill, patience and a detailed knowledge of many factors.

While it is certainly true that much of what CX professionals do involves numbers and data, such as call volume, resolution percentages and CXI scores, it is also true that the process of creating effective interactions requires attention to the emotional needs and wants of the customer. Statistically demonstrating the effectiveness of an experience without overlooking the need to foster an emotional bond between the customer and business is truly an art.

It was obvious that everyone involved in the event, both attendees and Avtex team members, know that the work they do impacts their customers and employees as much as it does their organization’s bottom line.

The Passion for Excellent Customer Experience Abounds

The Experience Summit brought together CX professionals from a wide range industries and geographic locations. While their backgrounds and places they call home couldn’t be more diverse, all of the attendees had one thing in common – a passion for their work and their customers.

Chatting with, and eavesdropping on, Summit attendees was a truly enlightening experience. The stories and ideas shared between attendees demonstrated an endless amount of passion for CX and customers.

From probing questions and insightful advice, the conversations throughout the day provided a fresh perspective and renewed focus for many in attendance.

Beth Knows How to Craft an Experience

Avtex is lucky to have great people who focus everyday on fueling customer experiences. Beth, our marketing communications manager, is a great example of someone who knows how to create an experience. She was able to wrangle all the massive logistics into a cohesive and well executed event.

Planning a memorable experience for guests who literally focus on creating memorable experiences, is challenging to say the least. Beth nailed it, down to the last detail.

Kudos, Beth, and thanks for making the inaugural Experience Summit an event that everyone will remember.


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