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Transforming Your Legacy Contact Center into a Customer Experience Center

By: Avtex

The contact center has long served as the heart of many organizations’ customer support efforts. Tasked with managing and responding to customer requests and providing customer support, contact centers have largely focused on a reactive approach to customer experience. The evolution of customer expectations has changed that. Today’s contact center must act as a proactive engagement hub, predicting customer needs and reacting to them before they negatively impact the relationship. The modern contact center must also provide multi-channel communications avenues to customers who have come to expect 24/7 access to brands. In point of fact, the focus has shifted toward transforming legacy contact centers into a truly engaging customer experience hub.

As the contact center’s role in CX has evolved, so too have the metrics for judging its successes and weaknesses. Once, operational efficiency metrics such as call handle time and agent productivity, were the key performance indicators (KPIs) contact center administrators used to determine the performance of systems and agents. Today, CX-specific metrics, such as effort score and customer lifetime value have become just as important measures of a contact center’s success.

That isn’t to say that operational efficiency goes by the wayside. Instead, Best-in-Class organizations make efforts to drive contact center transformation that results in both operational efficiency and the steady improvement of customer experience.

Weighing the Cost of Transformation Against the Cost of Inaction

Transforming a legacy contact center into a true engagement hub is no small feat. It takes technology, skilled agents, training, planning and the involvement of various departments across the organization.

Each of these factors comes with a price — one that organizations may be hesitant to invest. However, research demonstrates that the positive impact on customers, employees and operational efficiency is well worth the costs of transformation.

Best-in-class organizations that make the commitment and investment into contact center transformation enjoy significant advantages in several KPIs, including:

  • Customer retention rates
  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • First contact resolution rates
  • Average interaction time
  • Agent utilization

Learn How Best-in-Class Organizations Embrace Contact Center Transformation

Weighing the costs of inaction versus the costs of transformation can be difficult. We’ve partnered with Aberdeen on the creation of a research report highlighting the performance gains Best-in-Class firms achieve by taking a customer-first approach and the opportunity cost companies face when they don’t embrace transformation.

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