Interaction Recorder

Interaction Recorder: Call Recording Software

Interaction Recorder is an all-software solution that is built into the Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) and Enterprise Interaction Center® (EIC) solutions for multimedia recording, quality assessment control, compliance safeguards and archiving management.

Key Features of Interaction Recorder

  • Multichannel media recording for calls, IVR, web chats, e-mails and faxes
  • Synchronized playback of screen and audio recordings, including work items not requiring direct customer interaction such as processing a claim or conducting research
  • A single, simple interface for configuring multiple policies – WHAT interactions are recorded, WHERE they are stored and WHO can access, play, score and export them
  • Flexibility to store and play files locally to reduce bandwidth utilizationRules-based recording by entity, workgroup, role, or individual
  • Screen recording for synchronized playback of the screen and audio recording
  • Multimedia recording for calls, web chats, e-mails and faxes
  • Categorization to archive and quickly retrieve recording files in large volumes
  • Integrated scoring and analytics for quality measurement, script adherence, compliance, verifications and customer satisfaction, by individual agents as well as teams
  • Records agents and business users alike
  • Security and PCI compliance via the encryption, policy management, pausing when sensitive information is collected, and storing recordings locally for cloud-based deployments of call recording files, audio and information about each call

Interaction Recorder Benefits

  • Improve customer service practices and workforce performance
  • Verify sales orders and resolve disputes with recorded interaction details and reports
  • Provide evidence for regulatory compliance to protect against potential fines and legal costs
  • Emphasize interaction best practices using call and screen recordings
  • Establish benchmarks for improving agent skill sets by interaction type
  • Ease integration with other applications via Interaction Recorder’s non-blocking architecture
  • Lower your total cost of ownership with a single-vendor all-in-one recording solution

Why Choose Avtex?

In 2013, Avtex received the Interactive Intelligence Worldwide Partner of the Year and Vision Award. Interactive Intelligence created these awards to honor the reseller that has shown the most innovative application and forward-thinking use of its all-in-one IP communications software suite. Avtex has also been awarded the 2014 Platinum Elite Partner.

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