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The Avtex Proven Project Process

The Avtex Project Process

Professional services to keep your project on track!

The Avtex professional services team collaborates with you to help transform your project, whether it is out-of-the-box or custom developed, into a successfully deployed solution. Avtex gives you the assurance that your project is scalable, reliable, and meets the goals of your organization.

Our phased project approach has been based upon standards set forth by the Project Management Institute. This approach - along with the introduction of the agile process - gives our clients the confidence that they can expect key deliverables at each milestone and phase of the project. The project framework is divided into the following project stages:

  • Envisioning
    Phase Deliverable: Understanding of project goals, objectives, and pain points. The creation of a working project plan.
  • Design
    Phase Deliverable: Document the proposed approach, align requirements to the technology and design the solution.
  • Build
    Phase Deliverable: Implementation of design build out of technology solution.
  • Deploy
    Phase Deliverable: Validation of project and deployment of solution to production environment.
  • Accept
    Phase Deliverable: Gain acceptance through quality assurance and transition to support.

Avtex Agile Process

Within the Design and Build phases, we us an Agile-based approach. This means we break the solution down into “iterations” of both core solution components and customer-prioritized features. At the end of each iteration, we review the results with the project team. This approach allows our clients to be part of the project process and help to identify the prioritized features. Getting feedback early and often helps to ensure the project meets the goals and objectives established in the envisioning phase.