App Development

Explore Solutions to Your Unique Business Challenge During an Application Design Workshop

App Development

Unique IT challenges require innovative solutions. Implementing a stock solution that solves just part of a challenge is less than cost effective, and may lead to added frustration for employees and customers.

Custom applications and solutions address complex IT challenges in ways that stock products simply can’t match. We specialize in creating and customizing app development solutions that support Customer Experience and your employees.

Whether you require an application solution for the web, cloud, mobile or desktop, we can help. We create innovative application solutions that address your current and future needs, while integrating seamlessly into your infrastructure.


Platform Enhancements

Improving the functionality or usability of an existing platform is a great way to resolve IT challenges without blowing your budget. We help you explore the potential of a platform customization or add-on.


Middleware Applications

Facilitating the exchange of data between two disparate platforms enhances the services and functionality offered by each piece of technology. We build middleware applications that make it possible to execute your business goals.


Custom Builds

Some IT challenges cannot be solved with an out-of-the-box solution. We offer custom development of desktop and mobile application, websites and customer access portals.


Avtex Innovations

Our development team is passionate about flexing its creative muscle to solve challenges. We’ve created a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions to address unique needs.

Explore Our App Development Solutions

Interaction Portal

Interaction Portal eliminates the need for multiple applications open on an agent’s desktop to answer a customer’s basic questions.  Eliminating multiple applications (and the management and training headaches associated with them) helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Time on Call while improving First Call Resolution and Customer/Agent Satisfaction.


Avtex InteractionChat bridges the gap between the Genesys Web Chat Client and Microsoft Skype for Business’ instant messaging services. Chat directly to automated Skype for Business service – support, warehouse, orders, etc. or via a link provided on a web page. Agents field interactions via PureCloud Web Chat, while requestors are offered access via Skype for Business client or Skype for Business web client.


Avtex InteractionSync offers agents access to a unified agent desktop with embedded call controls such as call pickup, disconnect, hold, transfer, conference, status management, and click-to-dial — all tied directly to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

InteractionSync uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage essential customer interaction data and blends that with the features of Genesys PureCloud to handle queuing, routing, measuring and reporting.


Avtex Clone streamlines information organization between multiple PureCloud servers by replicating Genesys directory service information, handlers, and files from one server to one or more servers.

Clone allows administrators to pick and choose what information is replicated to which servers. Administrators can also select how often this information is replication – Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and at what time of the day to execute the replication.


HeartBeat from Avtex is designed to provide a health check on yourPureCloud system and ensure the proper function of your system. Every 10 minutes, the Heartbeat Server calls yourPureCloud server and checks to see that it is working through a DTMF handshake. If your PureCloud server does not respond, then your team and our team can be alerted by phone and by email immediately.

Avtex’s HeartBeat sends a notification via email, by phone or both to alert your IT Department when yourPureCloud system is not working properly.


Avtex RoboReports™ is a simple to use report schedule that allow users to create reports that deliver Genesys PureCloud reports to email address, a file share, or a printer on a regular basis. Reports can be scheduled to run only between hours of the day and for certain days of the week.

RoboReports supports multiple PureConnect servers and is compatible with all PureCloud historical reports and custom report functions.

Patient View

Patient View leverages a rapid, scalable, and secure approach to provide a comprehensive, bi-directional, proven set of EMR-agnostic APIs. Patient View normalizes data structures and leverages vendor-supported modules to unlock seamless data exchange between EMR and EHR platforms and mission-critical applications.

Patient View supports software integration through modern REST APIs and provides a robust set of GET and POST services that read and write data in the native EMR data repository. Patient View provides standardized EMR integration through universal APIs and a unified data model. Patient View handles connectivity and data structure normalization across the major EMR platforms and provides advanced security and auditing features.

CRM Mobility

Microsoft and Avtex have engineered Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature into the Apple Watch. Now you can take the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your connected wrist device (via the Apple Watch) and perform key functions, including creating a service ticket, finding information and checking the status of an account.

CRM Mobility allows you to be more productive by enabling the ‘push’ features of the integration — receive real-time alerts of account changes and more, all on your wrist.

Strategic Wave

At any given time, Strategic Wave tracks the location, destination and status of up to 8,000 ISO tank containers, chassis, and returnable cylinder assets on behalf of chemical manufacturers and shippers across the globe. To streamline these efforts, and to offer customers access to related data, Avtex designed and developed a desktop customer access application.

The desktop application allows customers to monitor the status of trips based on a global database of tank locations. When issues arise, customers are notified via customizable alerts and given information regarding the nature of the problem and any resulting delays. Users can also schedule new trips and assign tanks, and schedule asset recovery upon completion of a trip, all from the single desktop application.



Cummins PowerCommand Cloud

PowerCommand Cloud provides a data link between Cummins generators and end users, allowing for real-time monitoring of unit performance, maintenance data and more. Users are given graphical data on power output, fuel level, historical performance data and more.

PowerCommand offers custom notifications and alerts regarding errors, startup times, maintenance needs and more. Multiple users can access the application from any PC or Mac computer; no additional software is required.




Storyteller is a perfect solution to organize, store and share past projects. It is a mobile solution that works on your tablet or phone, making it the perfect tool for sharing your portfolio with clients when you are on-the-go.

Your content is always accessible on Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 tablet. Data can be filtered from Microsoft SharePoint, CRM or other external content sources making it easy to search, filter, and manage your projects.

Video Kiosk

The Avtex Video Kiosk is designed to provide new ways of customer service through video conferencing software and access to expert advisors and agents within the contact center or enterprise.

  • Expand operations and reduce costs by providing expert advisor services regardless of physical location
  • Utilize High Definition (HD) quality video conferencing software to provide a high-touch, “as close to being there” option for customer service without the cost of travel
  • Provide an intuitive and flexible interface for the visitor with a touch-screen, web-based Video Kiosk


AthleteTracker takes advantage of Microsoft’s cloud technologies, to provide real-time updates on the progress of runners participating in distance races.

Accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, AthleteTracker’s registration portal allows users to select up to three racers. Users simply enter their mobile phone number and submit the names of the runners they wish to track. Athletes running in the events can use the same webpage to see who plans to follow them on race day.

Users receive regular text reports throughout the race.



Partnering with Avtex

A partnership with Avtex gives you access to a team of highly skilled, innovative problem solvers. When you have a business problem that standard solutions can’t solve, we can help.

We offer the support you need to:

  • Gain insight into current and future solution requirements
  • Compare and contrast available solution strategies
  • Draft a roadmap for custom development
  • Execute your development project within budget and on time

We provide the advice and guidance you need to fully explore the potential of custom solution development.


Our Work with Cummins

Read about how we helped Cummins give customers the ability to track and monitor generators, ensure proper maintenance, manage schedules and much more.

Application Design Workshop

Exploring the potential for a custom application before fully investing into its development is a great way to protect your bottom line and your workforce. Our Application Design Workshops provide the opportunity to explore the viability of your solution and gain objective insight into the effort and estimated costs of development.

During the two-day design workshop, our experts will guide you in several useful exercises designed to:

  • Identify high-level requirements
  • Define required features and functionalities
  • Define potential architecture
  • Define key tasks for the application
  • Identify your current platforms and technologies
  • Define user needs
  • Identify barriers to success

Following the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed overview of findings, as well as a proposal for creating the application. The proposal will address a number of key factors, including:

  • Proposed architecture strategies
  • Suggested technology foundations and integrations
  • Estimate costs of designing and creating the application
  • Estimated time frame for delivery

If you choose to contract Avtex for the development of the proposed application, the costs of the Design workshop will be applied towards the final costs of the project.

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