Three Lessons on Kinect Cursor Control with NITE

I recently wrote a detailed technical post on the nuances of hand-based cursor control with Kinect and the NITE libraries. 

At Avtex we've been working on a variety of Kinect-based WPF applications for use at trade shows and our office lobby. One aspect of developing these apps has been getting cursor control through hand tracking and gestures to "feel right". At best, an app with unnatural hand-based cursor control results in angry users who curse in disgust. At worst, an app has the risk of becoming a failure.

First let's go over a short list of what can feel "wrong" about hand-based cursor control with the Kinect:

  1. Cursor moves too slow or fast with respect to hand movements
  2. Cursor appears to shake or "jerk", especially when the user's hand is still
  3. User has to reach too high or too low to reach controls on the screen

With a little bit of love, understanding, and code, each of these characteristics can be easily cured.

Source code to demonstrate the subject are included in the above link. Enjoy!

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