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Yesterday I had the pleasure of walking a couple of wonderful Avtex employees (we’ll call them Val and Pete, cause those are their names) thru the wonderful new Azure pricing calculator. I commented that the last time I priced out an Azure solution for a customer it took three days required two Microsoft Azure Solution Specialists, an Azure Technology Specialist, a small boy and his dog. Yesterday we did it in about 20 minutes using the new Windows Azure pricing calculator and clicking once on the “See full pricing calculator” option here 

Before we get to the pricing there are three things I wanted to point out; a. there is still a free 90 day trial, b. there is pricing month to month and c. a 6 month option. For this customer we instantly derived a price and generated a few examples of what would happen as their application grew requiring more processing power, more storage and more bandwidth. You need to play around with this tool yourself but here are a couple examples of output from the tool.

We started off with a small server with a 1.6 GHz CPU, 1.75GB RAM, 225 GB disk, 4 1 GB SQL Azure databases, we selected 30 GB bandwidth and leveraged CDN (Content Delivery Network) to move the content closest to where it is needed and used. This configuration was amazingly only $147 per month. Let’s say users love this application and adoption goes nuts shortly after release to web.

While the application would dynamically grow, I wanted to illustrate a much  bigger/better solution and to show the monthly price increase, therefore, I bumped the config to a quad 1.6 GHz CPU with 7 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage and quadrupled the SQL Azure (all that new data you know) and then really pumped up the bandwidth from 30 GB to 200 GB and then increased the CDN to 80 GB (user base becomes more geo dispersed as the application is wildly adopted) lastly, I bumped the cache from nothing to 1 GB of cache to provide high speed, distributed, in memory cache. This config will cost the customer $481 per month but again, I can start smaller. Best of all by clicking “next” we were ready to dev… all in about 20 minutes! You can develop on-premise and deploy in the cloud, heck you can even sync prem and cloud. Azure is a beautiful thing and this new pricing calculator makes it more accessible than ever before.

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I invested nearly 10 years with Apple Computer and was with Microsoft for nearly 11 years in a wide variety of roles from Worldwide Product Manager to Account Executive. Over the past 25 years I have created a number of innovative solutions for customers as well as the companies I worked for. I am happy to be here at Avtex a Director of Strategy and Innovation, looking at how we can best help customers’ leverage, their investments in desktop, mobile and cloud technologies.

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