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Address Potential Security Vulnerabilities Within Your Telephony System

Data is the new intangible commodity for companies in our world today.  Protecting that data whether it is at rest or in motion is as important as locking your front door.  For the longest time protecting that data was entrusted to using (S)ecure (H)ash (A)lgorithm or SHA for short.  Variations of SHA are often used by TLS certificate authorities to sign certificates.  This algorithm help ensures that your data is not modified or tampered with. Unfortunately, hackers are at constantly probing algorithms and encryptions for weaknesses that can be exploited. Recently it has become known that potential security weaknesses exist
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Is Your IVR Old and Tired?

Let Avtex give your IVR a spring cleaning and provide your customers with a fresh, up-to-date experience. If your IVR has been chugging along untouched for more than two years, or, if your IVR applications have been tweaked and added-to over the years without a comprehensive design review ….it may be time to let Avtex IVR Design Consultants review your prompting, menu structures and error handling. We can validate your design or make current best practice recommendations to improve your caller experience and increase IVR call retention.  We can also evaluate the voice talent and sound quality, review any gaps
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Avtex PureCloud Quickstart

Curious about PureCloud? Looking to migrate? Avtex takes the guesswork out of the PureCloud Migration process. As an Interactive Intelligence certified partner, we understand the solution, its requirements, and the steps necessary to prepare your organization for deployment. Our PureCloud QuickStart Deployment package has been carefully designed to: Streamline the transition: By helping you address the many details of the PureCloud migration process in advance, Avtex sets the foundation for your migration. From hardware configuration to software customization, we ensure that all aspects of your organization’s infrastructure are ready for the transition to PureCloud. Reduce the costs of migration: Schedule
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