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Making the Switch to Interaction Connect – Part 2

In my last post, I introduced Interaction Connect as “The Client of the Future” for users of PureConnect (CIC). At the same time, I raised the primary concern that many organizations have about it, feature parity. So in this month’s entry I will face that concern head-on by taking a look at the CIC Client Comparison Guide. This document should be your first stop if you’re considering making the switch to Interaction Connect. It provides a rough history of clients going back to IC 3.0 (remember those days?), gives you detailed descriptions of all developed features, and indicates whether they
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Making the Switch to Interaction Connect

In the enterprise and the contact center, organizations are continually trying to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their tools and processes. A week doesn’t pass where some new book or product challenges our thinking about how we’re doing things. When it comes to PureConnect(CIC), there have been several choices of client over time, and each decision to switch brings with it new challenges that hopefully have been outweighed by the enhanced productivity the change made. The Client of the Future For a few years now, Interaction Connect has been available for users of PureConnect (CIC) to use as a
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Address Potential Security Vulnerabilities Within Your Telephony System

Data is the new intangible commodity for companies in our world today.  Protecting that data whether it is at rest or in motion is as important as locking your front door.  For the longest time protecting that data was entrusted to using (S)ecure (H)ash (A)lgorithm or SHA for short.  Variations of SHA are often used by TLS certificate authorities to sign certificates.  This algorithm help ensures that your data is not modified or tampered with. Unfortunately, hackers are at constantly probing algorithms and encryptions for weaknesses that can be exploited. Recently it has become known that potential security weaknesses exist
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