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Increase Customer Satisfaction by Focusing on the Citizen Experience

The average U.S. citizen expects superior service and outcomes from public sector work. This expectation certainly derives from the expectations that have grown out of the customer-centric approach private companies use in their processes, communications, and service efforts. How, then, can the government improve its citizens’ viewpoint? Quite simply, it must turn its attention to the citizen experience, thereby keeping up with the fast-paced, technology-based innovations coming from the private sector. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the challenges government agencies face in delivering quality experience, and the strategies available to overcome them. Download Whitepaper  
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The Future of Financial Services in the Expectation Economy

For as long as can be remembered, mankind has attempted to predict the future. Many an accomplished author has tackled the challenge of imaging the future. Greats like Orwell, Wells, Huxley, Bellamy and Bradbury shared their thoughts on what the future may hold – some bolder than others, some with more accuracy than others. Many such predictions were focused on the ways we access money, do business and protect our financial well-being. For instance, in his 1888 novel, Looking Backwards, Edward Bellamy predicted the use of credit cards, more than 60 years before their invention. In 1953, Ray BradBury’s Fahrenheit
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Overcoming the Top 10 Adversities of Technology Implementations

Despite numerous universal external hurdles, there are 10 main, internal challenges that need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful technology implementation. A word of caution for corporate executives: Mind the implementation gap. Most managers know that strategic implementation of technology projects is critical to their organizations’ high-performance objectives. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD:
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