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Understanding the Future of Customer Experience

How will customer experience strategies, technologies and professionals adapt to the changing demands of today’s consumer? This whitepaper will examine several aspects of CX that are likely to evolve in the very near future which include:   The Consumer of Tomorrow Investing in the Future Riding the Technological Wave Adopting Enhanced CX Strategies Leveraging Talent
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Exploring the Fundamentals of Patient Experience

Competition amongst medical care and insurance providers has hit an all time high thanks in part to health care reform. With added options available to patients, the power has shifted to those seeking medical care, rather than those providing it. This shift has resulted in significantly altered patient expectations; patients once focused solely on obtaining quality medical treatment now expect a more robust and effective experience whenever dealing with a medical provider. Meeting patient expectations requires a commitment to creating and maintaining effective patient experience. Without such a commitment, the modern health care provider faces an uphill battle to attract
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