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The Future is Here: Real-Time, Omni-Channel Customer Engagement with ThunderHead’s ONE Engagement Hub

Webinar Overview: Omni-channel customer engagement is dependent on a brand having a complete understanding of their customer’s wants and needs. To do this, brands need to listen to their customers across ALL touch points, departments and solutions within the customer ecosystem. Connecting all this together can seem like a daunting task. Until now… The ONE Engagement Hub from Thunderhead is the complete customer engagement and customer journey solution. It can be easily integrated with customer ecosystem solutions (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics 365) to enable omni-channel customer engagement. Join this webinar with Avtex and Thunderhead to see the power of ONE.
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Consumer Behavior in the New Expectation Economy

Webinar Overview: In the current environment, a company’s competitive advantage will come from a historically underdeveloped asset: the ability to capture and apply insights from your customers. Customers do not live their lives in the silo-like ways by which universities and businesses organize themselves. Yet case study after case study demonstrates that how customers feel is the currency which consumers exchange to inform their decisions, but many firms fail to adjust. You will gain a better understanding of decision science, “the why of modern consumer behavior,” the driving forces behind purchasing, and how this fits into customer experience. We are
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The Integrated Customer Experience

The modern consumer demands a customer experience that is tailored to their unique needs and preferences. This makes knowing your customers more important than ever before. Join Avtex as we explore the Integrated Customer Experience. During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including: Discover next generation productivity, customer intelligence, mobility, and unified service Democratize knowledge for all customers and employees, wherever they are connected Turn “I want to do that” to “I’ve done that!” with tools that create actionable, intelligent data
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