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CX Strategy

CX Strategy

Stand out from your competition by delivering effective Customer Experience.


Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation

Streamline the implementation of CX supporting technologies.


Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

Solve IT challenges through innovative use of technology.


Managed Services

Managed Services

Reduce your IT headache with troubleshooting, management and support.

Connecting People. Connecting Technology.

Customer Experience isn’t a single strategy, an off-the-shelf technology solution or a matter of perfecting individual touchpoints. Customer experience is a complex ecosystem; all pieces and points of customer interaction must work together.

By carefully studying your organization and your goals, we are able to understand your unique challenges and deliver custom, purpose-built technology solutions to meet your specific needs. From strategy and technology selection to management and measurement, our end-to-end services support you in every area of CX.

We help you build a comprehensive CX strategy built on a solid foundation, consisting of multiple technologies, including:

We Offer Comprehensive CX Consulting Services

A thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current CX efforts is vital to future planning. We help you conduct a detailed and objective exploration of your current strategies, processes and technologies. This important step helps to create a benchmark for improvement and lay the groundwork for truly effective CX planning.

The most effective CX roadmaps address every last detail of customer interactions. Our team helps you create a roadmap that addresses all phases of your CX strategy, including the identification of customer touchpoints, the technologies supporting interactions and the training provided to employees on the front lines of customer support. In the end, you are left with the detailed plan for delivering seamless and consistent customer interactions.

Organizational change on any scale can be disruptive — when that change impacts every single employee, the process can be truly distracting. We work with your team to streamline CX transformation, making it possible to achieve change with minimal distraction and optimal efficiency. By carefully planning the timing and execution of each phase in the transformation process, we ensure that your organization is able to continue business as usual.

It is important that every employee, at every level in the organization, fully understand your organization’s CX initiatives. It is also vital that all staff members are given the education needed to execute those initiatives. We offer customized education programs to arm employees with the knowledge and skills needed to exceed your organization’s CX goals.

Employee training

Implementing a new CX strategy or technology foundation is simply the first step in an ongoing effort to attract and retain customers. Continually testing the effectiveness of your CX strategies is vital to gauging the success of your efforts and charting ROI. We help you identify and track key metrics, then leverage that data to fine-tune your organization’s future CX strategies.

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Customer Experience is the Often-Overlooked Differentiator

When choosing between products or services of comparable quality and price, the majority of customers will purchase from the organization with the better reputation for customer service and support. That’s the good news. The bad news is that many customers will seek other options after a single negative experience with a company. Exploring Customer Experience statistics offers real-world insight into the importance of quality interactions.

The Good

  • Over the life of your relationship, a loyal customer is likely to spend more than 10 times their initial purchase with your organization.
  • A recent survey revealed that 70 percent of Americans are willing to spend more with companies that offer quality customer experience.
  • Competent service agents and a personalized experience are the top two factors referenced by loyal customers.

The Bad

  • Negative online reviews receive nearly twice as much attention from the average reader than positive reviews.
  • It takes more than 10 positive experiences to overcome a single negative one.
  • More than 75 percent of callers become frustrated after waiting more than two minutes to reach a live agent.

The Ugly

  • Fewer than five percent of unhappy customers voice their dissatisfaction with a business. They simply don’t come back.
  • More than 90 percent of surveyed customers said they would not do business with a company after just two bad experiences.
  • Americans tell an average of 9 people about positive experiences, but 16 people about negative experiences.

A quality interaction is one in which the customer’s issues are resolved successfully, with minimal effort and maximum personal connection.

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