Interactive Design Wireframes
As with the information architecture, we will take the inputs from our research and begin construction of detailed wireframes.  Interactive wireframes will allow the user experience team to not only communicate static layouts and placement of elements such as content and navigation, but also demonstrate behaviors.  This deliverable will serve as a guide for the build phase of the project.  Our wireframes are typically fully responsive with standards compliant HTML and CSS built using the Bootstrap framework as well as 503 Accessibility compliant.  Our wireframes can be linked together to create clickable prototypes for acceptance and/or testing.  The wireframes are usable code of the highest quality and allow us to demonstrate how the design will react at various resolutions and on a variety of devices.

User Flows
User flows allow us to define high value processes by mapping what specific user tasks are most critical.  Our wireframes will be built and measured against these critical users flows to ensure that our designs fulfill our business requirements and the needs of our various audiences.  Similar to a Use Case document, the User flow is a visual representation of a task and all the steps required to successfully complete that task.  This diagram helps us not only define critical processes but identify ways in which these processes can be made better or more efficient.

One of the most critical components of the design phase of a project is the creation of storyboards.  This is the key set of artifacts that most clients identify with on a project.  Our user experience consultants will leverage the input from the previous steps to create a design that aligns to the vision.  We take into account branding and style guidelines that have been outlined by the client and can also determine these items from scratch through the design process.

Our storyboards are typically created in fully responsive HTML/CSS and allow us to demonstrate the look and feel of the application or site on any device at any resolution.

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