Avtex Helped Allregs Create a New Application to Support Customers

AllRegs is a leading information provider for the mortgage industry, providing guidelines, federal and state compliance information, forms, content and business intelligence for the mortgage lending industry. First introduced in 1989, AllRegs is used by virtually all of the top 100 lenders as well as throughout numerous governmental agencies, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHLBs, FHA, VA, RHS, Ginnie Mae, and more. 

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Key Benefits
– Improved customer access to key data

– Improved customer satisfaction

– Streamlined development of new features

– Full integration into other applications

Allregs leverages a number of flagship applications and resources to support  its clients, and their customers, including Market Clarity, a solution designed to help lenders maintain detailed knowledge of available mortgage products.

Avtex helped us develop the next generation of one of our flagship products and showed us how to use the latest Microsoft technologies to build a responsive, great looking app.

– Frank Preese, Allregs

The Challenge

As a leading information provider to the mortgage industry, AllRegs provides research and reference and analytical services to mortgage professionals from its extensive content library which spans every aspect of the mortgage industry. Customers subscribe to these services to gain access to a suite of specialized web applications. One of these applications, Market Clarity, is a powerful tool for lenders to manage investor information and gain competitive insight about 3,000 products from 95 different investors.

Before this project the core technology of Market Clarity was an off-the-shelf solution licensed from a third party. To keep pace with changes in the industry and eliminate the license fees, AllRegs decided to create a new application specifically designed for its customers and to provide a framework for further innovation.

With its internal resources focused on improving the existing suite of applications, AllRegs looked for a development partner who could deliver the new application in time for the company to seize the market opportunity. AllRegs selected Avtex because of its reputation, because it had the best ideas and approach to the project and because its people interacted well with the AllRegs team.

Results at a Glance

“Not only did the project finish on time but also we did not have to reduce the project scope to get the work done on time. The new app looks great, performs well and customers love it.””

– Frank Preese, Executive Vice President/Chief Information Officer

The Solution

Working closely with the team at AllRegs, Avtex developed a new Market Clarity application. Built on top of Microsoft platforms, the new application improved the customer experience, delivered enhanced functionality and significantly updated the underlying technology. Avtex developers worked closely with the AllRegs team to clarity and elaborate on the requirements and specifications, offer insight, discover new functionality and explore alternative technical strategies for maximizing the performance of the final application.

Avtex took the collaboration beyond the initial development of the application, however. Avtex team members served as mentors and educators of the AllRegs team, shedding light on the added capabilities of recent Microsoft applications.

Avtex was able to prepare AllRegs team members to take full ownership of the final application and empowered them to seize control of the future of the solution.

The Results

AllRegs has enjoyed several benefits from the application. Not only is the new code base more flexible and developer friendly, but the solution also integrates nicely with AllRegs’ other enterprise applications, something that the old solution struggled with. The Market Clarity application’s ability to live within the same environment as the rest of the enterprise applications allows AllRegs to reduce the time and money spent on maintenance and management of multiple systems.

AllRegs’ development team has enjoyed greater control over adjustments to the application, and feels that the new solution will easily scale to meet the evolving needs of the organization.

Feedback from customers on the new application has been very positive. Customers find the application easy to navigate and very responsive which has increased customer satisfaction and reduced support calls. The new feature set makes for an interesting story to engage prospects.

“The AvTex team did a great job from start to finish. We were under a very real tight deadline because our license for the existing application framework expired at the end of the year and we did not renew it. Their team and ours worked hard and worked smart to get the job done,” said Frank Preese, Executive Vice President/Chief Information Officer at Allregs. “Not only did the project finish on time but also we did not have to reduce the project scope to get the work done on time. The new app looks great, performs well and customers love it.”