Language Access Network

Avtex Helped LAN Connect Patients with Trained Interpreters

Since 2003, Language Access Network, LLC (LAN) has become the leader in trusted healthcare communications, providing on-demand video remote interpretation (VRI) services to more than 350 hospitals and other medical venues nationwide.

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Key Benefits
– LAN is able to provide  interpretation services to patients throughout the country

– Patients are connected to qualified interpreters within seconds

– Intelligent routing ensures patients are connected with an agent with the skills needed to assist

– The application has increased physician efficiency by a staggering 400%

LAN’s offerings put patients and medical providers in touch with interpreters fluent in more than 210 languages, helping doctors and nurses provide the quality care their patients deserve. Limited only by technology, LAN’s offerings streamline the medical care process, protect patients and providers, and limit the expense associated with language services.

Martti™ allows health care providers to provide the right care, right now. The system is easy to use; allows for better communication, which improves patient safety; and helps improve the overall patient experience.

– Amy Dorsey, Upper Valley Medical Center

The Challenge

To support its customers, LAN needed a mobile video-streaming application that can be accessed by patients and medical providers quickly and easily. For help creating this application, LAN turned to Avtex and the Avtex 360° model.

Results at a Glance

“The MARTTI application has increased physician efficiency by 400%.”

–Andy Panos, COO, Language Access Network

Key Partner Technologies

The Solution

After conducting a comprehensive review of LAN’s needs and goals, Avtex drafted a battle plan to integrate a variety of technologies to create a video remote interpreting service that is brought to life through wireless mobile Martti™ (My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter) touchscreen units.

The solution involved a wide range of technologies and intellectual property, including Microsoft SharePoint, Skype for Business and Dynamics CRM, PureConnect from Genesys, and Avtex’s own Video Kiosk framework.

Using touchscreen units placed in hospitals and clinics, patients are able to request an interpreter that meets his or her needs. The elements of the patient’s interactions are routed through PureConnect using the automatic call distribution engine. The system takes the information and searches for an agent/interpreter that meets the requirements for the interaction.

When the agent accepts the incoming call or interpretation request, the agent is connected to the patient via Microsoft Skype for Business. Now that a live connection has been created, the patient has access to high quality video and audio and is able to communicate directly with the interpreter. This allows the patient to explain his or her medical concerns with the assistance of the interpreter.

Information from the interaction related to patient and hospital records and the MAARTI unit is captured and imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for future use.

The Results

Through the MAARTI solution, LAN is able to offer its customers an application that saves time, money and lives. Agents are able to provide quality interpretation services to Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients throughout the country, all in a matter of seconds. From the moment a patient walks into a medical care facility, he or she has instantaneous access to an interpreter via a two-way video conference.

The solution has had far reaching effects beyond supporting LAN’s ability to execute its business model. LAN’s clients have also experienced a number of benefits resulting from MAARTI usage. Hospitals and clinics within the LAN network have reported that the application has increased physician efficiency by a staggering 400%.

In the end, Avtex was able to help LAN create a solution that changed the way they support clients, and the way physicians provide medical care across language barriers.